After Bashing Trump’s Secretary of State for Days, China Congratulates Biden

While most media outlets intentionally focus on how China’s congratulations on Thursday to Joe Biden for his supposed presidential win were “belated,” the fact is all the countries who have done so already have been premature. As I have noted, Biden is not president-elect – yet.

Nevertheless, Beijing is clearly happy with a possible Biden win, having Chinese state media bashing President Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for days. This was a prelude to show Biden their difference in approaches to Team Trump and Team Biden.

And now China has officially congratulated Biden for winning, despite, notes CNN, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin admitting that: “At the same time, we understand that the outcome of this U.S. election will be ascertained in accordance with US laws and procedures.”

It was a curious translation to use the term “ascertain” since that is the term used by the 1963 Presidential Transition Act when referring to the requirement that the federal General Services Administration (GSA) designate a winner before a transition can begin. This is something, which I pointed out earlier, has not yet been done.

Why their supposed caution in celebrating Biden’s win more prominently?  CNN notes:

Chinese state-run media has so far been cautious in its handling of Biden’s win in comparison to its increasingly strident tone towards the Trump administration, amid an ongoing deterioration in bilateral relations.

While some outlets have published profiles of Biden or highlighted a popular Beijing restaurant he visited in 2011, most Chinese media has focused their post-US election coverage on alleged fraud and ensuing turmoil.

Experts have suggested that Beijing might have been reluctant to do anything that risked antagonizing the outgoing US administration in its final months in power.

Still, Joe Biden’s close and questionable business and other ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime – via his son Hunter Biden during his time as vice president – and beyond – and Joe Biden’s inability to call China even something as innocuous as an “opponent,” surely makes Chinese leaders hopeful of a confirmed Biden win.

The U.S. Office of Director of National Intelligence  (ODNI) also confirmed in an earlier Election Threat statement that the Intelligence Community (IC) assesses that China’s regime wanted President Trump to lose, and hence favored a Biden win.

President Trump is the first president to forcefully respond to the expanding China threat. He has made it clear that the U.S. stands with its allies in the Pacific such as Taiwan, and others threatened by China’s maritime bullying and expansion.

Trump has extended U.S. naval forces further into areas in the South China Sea claimed by China, rapidly built up U.S. missiles and other forces to face China, and also bulked up the “Quad” – the informal coalition of India, Australia, Japan, and the U.S., to counter Chinese expansionism.

The Trump administration has also pushed back hard on the massive and unprecedented Chinese espionage effort in the U.S., IP theft, and technology. With Trump, China faces an opponent more like Ronald Reagan countering the U.S.S.R. than any other they have faced.

With Biden potentially compromised by the CCP to the point he can’t even call China an “opponent,” the CCP hopes with him in the White House to return to decades of business as usual, essentially appeasement and engagement.

Beijing is probably celebrating a Biden win much more loudly privately, inside the Forbidden City.

Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank. - - PAULCRESPO.COM

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2 years ago

Why am I not surprised?

Floyd Hardee
2 years ago

They are dancing in the streets. The BEAST has won. The BEAST has won. Bow down to the BEAST. That is what they would like for us to do. But God will deliver us when all appears to be lost. Trust in God and stand your ground. All this morning they rivaled in a Judges decision to deny Trump a chance to verify the REAL vote. That means at least part of our Judges are in Satan’s pocket or the Democrat’s, same difference! We will soon know if more Judges deny Trump, us, and God! And there will be no Justice until Christ appears with his mighty Army!

Byron Claghorn
Byron Claghorn
2 years ago

Of course Communist China would prefer Biden, who they have in their pocket, and a Socialist / Communist USA as the extreme leftist Democrats have been pushing for along with their support of their Marxist & Fascist street thugs: Antifa and the BLM along with other anarchists that seem to only operate with impunity in Democrat-Governed communities!

Biden and the Biden Crime Family all belong in the “Big House”, NOT the White House!

Of course these recent charges of Money Laundering & International Quid-Pro-Quo pocketing Taxpayer Foreign-Aid Money and Kickbacks to Joe Biden and the Biden family of racketeers ARE TRUE – Hunter Biden, an alcoholic, drug addict and generally incompetent “Loose Cannon” could NEVER generate Millions of Dollars of “Kickbacks” in income WITHOUT the Full Cooperation and Participation by his Dad, Joe Biden, and his Democrat cronies without their assurances and acceptance of commitments to deliver on Influence and Corrupt Actions to “Sellout the USA” & our taxpayers.

It is Illogical and Inconceivable to think otherwise!

Currently, Biden is not sure if he is in the Awake or Asleep State or If he is Alive or just in a Comma! It doesn’t seem to make much difference — He still continues to stumble & gaff due to raw & gross incompetence, except when it comes to his Biden Family personal profiteering at the Taxpayers $$$-Trough laundering the money that paid for Biden’s Influence Pedaling.
Hopefully this latest Senate Report on Joe’s and the Biden Family corruption and the recent trove of Hunter Biden’s email evidence of massive Biden Family Corruption will finally put all of them into jail. This evidence is totally factual and consistent with Joe Biden public TV confession to a Quid-Pro-Quo Influence peddling scam in Ukraine with his son, Hunter Biden, as his Bag Man.
The Biden and Harris Corruption are thoroughly covered in the well-researched & factual 2020 book by Peter Schweizer: “Profiles in Corruption — Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite”. Both Biden and Harris long scurrilous records of shady deals and corruption each fill a very large and fact-filled chapter in this book!

Hopefully, Trump will prevail in this 2020 Election Fight!

2 years ago

It would be stupid to give a traitor like biden an intelligence briefing before his election has been verified as legal. It has been proven that he is a chinese puppet and will sell out the U.S.