Friday PDB – Russia Looking for Respect or Land In Ukraine? Is China’s Bitcoin Financial Weapon Against US? Myanmar Edging Toward Civil War, National intelligence Council Global Trends report

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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – With the many national security and intelligence topics that American Defense News (ADN) cannot adequately cover every day – in collaboration with the Center for American Defense Studies (CADS) – we are providing our readers a PDB:

Not the President’s Daily Brief, but almost as good – Paul’s Daily Briefing.

Today’s PDB Includes a variety of critical issues such as – the Iranian-Israeli ‘shadow war’ goes to sea, Experts agree that dramatically improving and growing Chinese and Russian nuclear threats causing serious problems for U.S. deterrence. The U.S. Commerce Department blocks seven Chinese supercomputer companies for links to China’s military and subversion. Plus, Peter Thiel Calls Bitcoin ‘a Chinese Financial Weapon.

China accuses US of ‘human rights sins’ to distract from its genocide and other human rights abuses. What does Putin want in Ukraine – attention and respect or territory?

And Myanmar is edging closer to civil war as protestors take up arms against the military coup-regime.


National Security

Office of the Director of National Intelligence – Global Trends. Read the 7th edition of the National Intelligence Council’s (NIC’s) Global Trends report. Published every four years since 1997, Global Trends assesses the key trends and uncertainties that will shape the strategic environment for the United States during the next two decades.

Russian and Chinese nuclear threats pose problem for US deterrence, experts say. Russian and Chinese threats to use nuclear weapons in Europe or across the Taiwan Strait pose “stark real-world problems” in defining deterrence as the United States modernizes its strategic forces, security experts agreed Wednesday.

China Threat

Peter Thiel Calls Bitcoin ‘a Chinese Financial Weapon.’ “I do wonder whether at this point, Bitcoin should also be thought [of] in part as a Chinese financial weapon against the U.S.”

Commerce Dept. Adds Seven Chinese Supercomputing Entities to Entity List for their Support to China’s Military Modernization, and Other Destabilizing Efforts

China accuses US of ‘human rights sins’ to distract from its genocide and other human rights abuses

Myanmar Is on Edge of Civil War

Russia Threat

Putin’s Ukraine Gambit Is About Gaining Attention, Not Territory. He wants the U.S. and Europe to pay more respect to his power to shape geopolitics.

Iran Threat

Analysis: Attack on Iran ship off Yemen escalates shadow war. An attack this week on an Iranian cargo ship that is said to serve as a floating base for Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard forces off the coast of Yemen has escalated a years-long shadow war with Israel.



Paul Crespo

Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank.

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28 days ago

Russia desires to become a dictatorial empire again, like the old USSR!

28 days ago

Russia is looking for ANYTHING but war – if you mean actual armed conflict with someone who can fight back. The know full well that they are a pariah nation, and nobody with any knowledge respects them for anything. The are desperate for any kind of recognition by one or more of the important world powers, so they will be listened to again by civilized nations. They would do almost anything for this international respect – even get rid of Putin, if they had to. But! Recognition by China? Maybe not. You see, China, too, is a rogue nation. Two rogues together do not gain civilized respect.

28 days ago
Reply to  Jamey

Your post is truly EXCELLENT! You demonstrate historical knowledge, conviction, and fine communication skills. BRAVO!

28 days ago

Why should Russia look for respect, it just takes what it wants. America has no respect probably a good time for jo and ho to sell America to highest bidder if they haven’t already.

28 days ago

All kinds of theories, eh? Are most countries in the world fearful of china bioweapons and no remorse, and outgoing threats to not say something is wrong, something is not humane? and will join others to say this is not how we are going to live? The great majority in the U.S. will as we have always done. We try to understand the people of the country and then through diplomatic means arrange trades and education, medical assistance and goods. Eventually, the people and the assistance given that they have earned becomes a stepping stone to prosperity, self governing and freedom, sometimes not.
I think Russia’s Nuclear threat is not possibly there. I think quite a few now realize the breakup of Ukraine was fixed by Obama and it was inevitable that a temp split would be made. The benefit to the U.S. was the foothold into eastern Europe. what Obama didn’t expect and should have, was the continued military relationship of the Crimea and Russia as it was a great assistance to Crimea for employment and Russia keeping their military base there. Russia would not have given up on this. Obama played his game and talked the Congress and his admin stoolies into sanction, not particularly hurtful to Russia but a deterrent to Russia participating in the war with Syria, using bioweapons, developing isis and on the way to Saudi access to the Med and territorial buildup and a Syrian turncoat cousin of Assad, hoping to become a leader for the KSA. Obama lost all that eventually after Trump was elected and put somewhat of a stop to it all. Politically the sanctions weren’t lifted but it doesn’t seem to hurt Russia much, just pushed them back in relations with Europe and sales of hydrocarbons for industries goes on. I don’t think Russia wants to be condemmed to be inhumane and needs a better reason to start WW 3 with nooks, unlike China, having the opportunity to take the U.S. but with a gun behind every bush and tree. Obama’s import of refugee terrorists along with Soros army from south of the border, pissing off the south of the border countries, and Biden’s Chinese students and workers contaminating our meat and students spreading the virus and stealing our inustry and military secrets and our music and movies. All this to invade the west coast and get trapped by our Navy and a gun behind every bush and tree.

Richard Hennessy
Richard Hennessy
25 days ago

I believe Russia’s goal is the same as that of the Democrats–power.

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