Tuesday PDB – Half of Women Failing Army Fitness Test, US Coast Guard Fires Warnings at Iranian Speedboats, US-China Hotline? Romania asks NATO for More Troops to Face Russia, Green Beret/Russian Spy

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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – With the many national security and intelligence topics that American Defense News (ADN) cannot adequately cover every day – in collaboration with the Center for American Defense Studies (CADS) – we are providing our readers a PDB:

Not the President’s Daily Brief, but almost as good – Paul’s Daily Briefing.

Today’s PDB Includes a variety of critical issues such as – Biden looking to establish a hotline with Beijing. China plays the victim card. Are more troops needed on NATO’s eastern flank? National security agencies warn of enemy threats to 5G. Afghans who helped Americans hope to avoid the Taliban and come to US.

Plus, nearly half of women soldiers are failing Army’s new Fitness Test.

US Coast Guard cutter fires 30 warning shots at Iranian speedboats.

Abandoned US military gear in Afghanistan sold as scrap

And convicted US Green Beret/Russian spy looking at 17 years in prison


National Security

National security agencies warn of 5G network vulnerabilities, adversary influence. A group of top U.S. national security agencies warned Monday in a report that adversarial nations’ influence on 5G standards is a major threat to securing advanced communications networks of the future.

Homeland Security

Prosecutors recommend 17-year sentence for former Green Beret convicted of spying for Russia. Federal prosecutors are seeking a 17-year prison sentence for a former Green Beret who pleaded guilty last year to providing classified information to Russian military intelligence for over a decade.


Nearly half of female soldiers still failing new Army fitness test, while males pass easily More than seven months after the official launch of the Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, nearly half of female soldiers are still falling short, with enlisted women struggling the most, Military.com has learned. The data again raises questions about whether the Army’s attempt to create a fitter force is creating more barriers to success for women.


Thousands of Afghans who helped US want to evacuate before the Taliban finds them. Advocates are pushing the idea of evacuating thousands of Afghans to Guam or other safe locations, where officials could vet them for U.S. resettlement.

US military trashes unwanted gear in Afghanistan, sells as scrap. The twisted remains of several all-terrain vehicles leaned precariously inside Baba Mir’s sprawling scrapyard, alongside smashed shards that were once generators, tank tracks that have been dismantled into chunks of metal, and mountains of tents reduced to sliced up fabric.

Iran Threat

US Coast Guard cutter Maui fires 30 warning shots at Iranian fast-attack boats harassing Navy, USCG ships. U.S. Coast Guard cutter Maui issued a total of 30 warning shots at Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps navy fast in-shore attack craft on Monday harassing six U.S. vessels — marking the second time in just two weeks that U.S. vessels have done so.

China Threat

Biden looks for defense hotline with China. The United States says it’s ready to call China in a crisis. Will Beijing pick up?

China, the victim? From behind the Great Wall is a government under siege by foreign threats. Activity by U.S. military ships and surveillance planes directed toward China has increased significantly under the Biden administration, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry said April 29.

Russia Threat

Romanian leader tells Biden more NATO troops needed in east. Romania’s president told U.S. counterpart Joe Biden on Monday that more NATO troops are needed on the alliance’s eastern flank given Russia actions that are perceived as threatening by many in the region.

The northern bear: How is the Kremlin getting along with its neighbors? China remains the biggest buyer of Russian weapons in Southeast Asia, but Moscow is increasing military ties with other countries.


Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank. - paulcrespo.substack.com - PAULCRESPO.COM

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Richard Hennessy
Richard Hennessy
1 year ago

That half of all women are failing the fitness test is no surprise. Nature generally doesn’t build women for combat, and the fitness test is intended, correctly, to ensure that soldiers are capable of the rigors of combat, since that is their basic function. The military is not a jobs program to distribute more Federal tax money to women or others.

1 year ago

Tell us again how it is fair for a man to compete in women’s sports.

paw paw
paw paw
1 year ago
Reply to  MSG Leo

I’m sure the Democrats are working on this one; just hope there aren’t many fools who will believe them!.

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