DC Mayor Makes ‘BLM Plaza’ Permanent but Removes ‘Free Cuba’ Street Painting Immediately

Screenshot by Dianela Urdaneta via Twitter

ANALYSIS – Just after announcing that the DC government will be making BLM PLAZA a permanent ‘monument’ to one race, and the related neo-Marxist organization, DC’s Black Democrat mayor removed a similar large “Cuba Libre” street sign painted in front of the Cuban embassy a day after it was painted on the street to protest Cuba’s mostly white communist regime.

Black Lives Matter is boldly painted in bright yellow on 16th St, NW a block across from the White House and across the street from Lafayette Park.

To be clear, the UK’s Telegraph says: “Make no mistake – BLM is a radical neo-Marxist political movement.” This is partly what Bowser is memorializing.

This also comes shortly after BLM publicly defended the decrepit, almost all white, communist dictatorship in Cuba against the brave Cuban people (mostly of color) now fighting for freedom, which I reported earlier.

While accurate numbers are impossible to get from the regime, experts believe Cuba’s population is about half white and half of color (mixed and black ‘Afro-Cuban’).

And the Cubans of color are now leading the fight against the mostly white Cuban Marxist dictatorship. As the Washington Post reported: “marginalized Afro Cubans at forefront of island’s unrest.”

On Friday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the plans to make the BLM Plaza Permanent.

Now 16th Street NW between H and K Streets will be closed to car traffic while sidewalks will remain open to pedestrians and local access to businesses will be maintained. DDOT said it will be installing roadway pavers, bollards and the permanent Black Lives Matter mural.

Meanwhile, the hypocritical left-wing mayor was lightening quick to remove the similar sign, which read “Cuba Libre” (“Free Cuba”), painted on the street in front of the Cuban embassy as part of a protest against Cuba’s socialist dictatorship and its violent repression of its mostly people ‘of color.’

The mayor had it removed almost instantly.

The Washington Free Beacon wrote:

Activists drew inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement, whose slogan decorated the road in front of the White House for months. Comedian Alex Gonzalez of Los Pichy Boys, who has spent 15 years speaking out against the communist regime and streams videos about the crackdown in Cuba to his half-million followers on Instagram, said Bowser is siding with an oppressive regime…

The Bowser administration defended the decision to crackdown on the anti-Castro activists. “The ‘Cuba Libre’ painting on the street was unauthorized, so DPW crews power washed to remove it,” Erica Cunningham, the public information officer for D.C. Public Works, told the Free Beacon.

[However] The Cuban Embassy is located on the same street where the Department of Public Works painted “Black Lives Matter” in large yellow letters at Bowser’s behest in June 2020. The section of road is now designated as “Black Lives Matter Plaza” and maintained by the city. At the time, Bowser said the plaza, near historic St. John’s Church, which was nearly burned down by rioters last summer, was supposed to honor those who took to the streets following the death of George Floyd.

Bowser has yet to acknowledge the pro-freedom Cuban protesters who, Gonzalez says, have had enough of communist rule.

“If you were listening to everyone on the street in Cuba, they were chanting, ‘Freedom and down with communism; freedom and no more communism!'”

Thank you, Mayor Bowser, for standing with extremist Marxists, socialists, and communists in the U.S. and abroad, while denying a voice to true freedom fighters of color in Cuba. ADN

Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank.

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Daniel Lee Rhoads
5 months ago

BLM proof that CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob Leadership is supporting communism all around the world, while trying to create their own “American Communist Dictatorship and making we, the free American people, SLAVES under it!!! One Communist country supporting another Communist country!!! We are going to have a American/Cuban styled revolt there in Amercia “soon!!!!

5 months ago

MARXIST, repeat after me–MARXIST. The BLM/Antifa movement is not socialist, it is Marxist. The have publicly declared that they are Marxist trained and intent on burning our system down and replacing it with a system they want. They are also intent on destroying the nuclear family even faster that the Democrats have destroyed it in the last twenty years. If someone tells you they are going to destroy your Republic and replace it with Marxism, tell me, why wouldn’t you believe them? And, do any of you lemmings know what Marxism really is?

5 months ago

The true Racist are the ones labeling everyone else as Racist .

5 months ago

No race should be set above any other race. DC mayor is claiming not a racist but sure isn’t showing it by her actions. Remember not to far back from another Blackman”Can’t we all get along”.

Captain Cross
5 months ago

A shameful reality that one party is so accomplished at hypocrisy.

5 months ago

They fear BLM terrorist so they let them do what they want but they don’t fear the Cubans

5 months ago

The dumbocraps,party are the biggest racists of all, are the american people to stupid to see that. Listen to dementia,joe, every other thing out of his pie hole is racist, remarks he too stupid, to realize it. What an embarrassment,how long will this clown show go on.

5 months ago

Keep in mind the Mayor of Washington DC is corrupt….along with the corrupt city council. They sit their in the golden palace and make rules and laws for us, but they do not apply to them. BIG QUESTION: WAS THAT BLM (RACIST/COMMUNIST PLAZA) APPROVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL? I’M SURE IT WAS AFTER ALL THEYA RE A BUNCH OF COMMUNISTS THAT WANT TO DEFUND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Speaking of the Cuban/Americans they need to take a stand in Lafayette Park. We allow illegals to cross the Southern border and they are not just Hispanics, they are from the Middle East and terrorism is walking in across the border. THIS ADMIN IS WEAK JUST

5 months ago

Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser shouldn’t even be allowed to run for Dogcatcher!


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