Double Trouble: Biden’s Twin Crises – Afghan Terrorists and Border Chaos May Merge

Photo by Senior Airman Jessica Lockoski

by Deroy Murdock – Fox News

ANALYSIS – Will President Joe Biden’s matching calamities — in Afghanistan and at the US-Mexico border — merge into the mother of all epic fails?

With Biden’s reckless abandonment of Bagram airbase in Afghanistan “the Taliban has released thousands of prisoners from detention facilities, including the Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul and at Bagram Air Base,” congressmen John Katko of New York, Texas’ Michael McCaul, and Alabama’s Mike Rogers wrote National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The ranking Republicans on, respectively, the House committees on Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, and Armed Service added: “Prisoners reported to have been held in these detention facilities include thousands of Taliban fighters, senior Al-Qaeda operatives, Islamic State Afghanistan (ISKP) members, and former Guantanamo Bay detainees — all of whom pose serious concern to the security of the United States.”

Available details about these just-liberated terrorists and suspects should keep Americans sleepless in Seattle — and beyond. And these now-freed boys of Bagram are a clear and present danger to America, thanks to the president’s other mega-catastrophe: Biden has transformed Trump’s largely controlled southern frontier into an immigration superhighway.

Illegal aliens are racing through gaps in the wall whose construction Biden ordered stopped on Day One of his tenure. Things have rocketed downhill since. Since February, 1,035,352 illegals were nabbed at the US-Mexico line — up 458.2 percent versus a year ago, under Trump.

Afghanistan’s freshly sprung jihadists are likely prowling Priceline for cheap flights to Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, and Nuevo Laredo. Their terrorist pals around the world, buoyed by the same news that has sunk hearts in the civilized world, now dream of the US-Mexico front.

With nearly 200,000 illegals cha-cha-cha-ing into America every month since March, why not race to the Rio Grande and join the conga line? And, if they can slaughter infidels to boot, then, indeed, Allah is merciful. ADN


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Joe Bob
Joe Bob
1 year ago

Biden it is time to go. you have done nothing right. Your family must be sad because what you have done . I will pray for your fast ending, in this world.

1 year ago

It is merely a matter of time before these shadowy Islamist operatives show up at the border, infiltrate the masses of illegals and enter the US, to be ferried to a new destination city. I’ve an idea: feed them a meal of a ham sandwich at the gate. A perfect shibboleth to determine who’s who.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Yes since Afghans pouring into Mexico into the US.

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