Air Force Tests New Bunker Buster

The 96th Test Wing recently concluded a GBU-72 test series which featured the first ever load, flight and release of the 5,000-pound weapon at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. / Samuel King Jr.

Air Force weapons testers are vetting a new 5,000-pound bomb that could become a bunker-busting tool against North Korean or Iranian nuclear facilities.

An F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet with the 96th Test Wing at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, wrapped up a slate of assessments Oct. 7 when it dropped a GBU-72 Advanced 5K Penetrator bomb from 35,000 feet over the installation’s vast test range, the service said in a release Tuesday.

The Air Force first tried loading, flying and releasing the weapon — which is a BLU-138 penetrator warhead combined with a modified Joint Direct Attack Munition GPS guidance kit and tail assembly — in July. The three-part series of tests aimed to prove whether the F-15E could safely fire the bomb guided by a JDAM tail kit used on a lighter, 2,000-pound bomb.

Rather than letting a weapon rely on gravity to fall directly down onto a target, JDAM converts “dumb” bombs into GPS-guided munitions that can hit particular coordinates.

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True American
True American
11 months ago

Great Now go get’em

Robert Atkinson, Jr.
Robert Atkinson, Jr.
11 months ago

The perfect weapon to target the Three Gorges Dam with, if Red China ever decides to invade Taiwan! Too bad you couldn’t mount this big boy onto a cruise missile, so it could be dropped from a longer distance from the target!

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