DoD Study on Concussions Has Serious Implications

The U.S. Army via Flickr

Normal recovery time from a concussion is sometimes double what it was previously thought to be, according to a recent University of Michigan study that was heavily funded by the Pentagon.

Researchers studied 1,751 student-athletes, including service academy cadets, and found that full recovery can take up to 28 days. And even that was not long enough for some of the study subjects to fully heal.

The findings should reduce stigma for those previously considered slow in their healing and inform coaches, commanders and others about when concussed people should return to duty or sports, said Steve Broglio, lead study author.

“There can be unintentional pressure to return,” Broglio said. “(They’re told) ‘You’re at day 16; why aren’t you getting better?’ Hopefully, they’ll pump the brakes.”

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