MONDAY PDB – New Island-Hopping/Missile-Firing Marines, Taliban Parade with US Weapons, China’s Mock-up Targets of US Carriers, US Increasing Chance of War in Ukraine? Cuba Cracks Down on Eve of Mass Protest, Wisconsin Guard on Alert for Rittenhouse Trial Verdict

U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Glenn Niemitalo, an engineer with the Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team, talks to a village elder with the assistance of an interpreter / DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Dallas Edwards, U.S. Air Force/Released

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Pentagon Watch

FEDERALISM? Pentagon says it will respond to Oklahoma’s governor after state’s National Guard rejects its vaccine mandate. The Department said it was “aware” of a memo issued this week by the Oklahoma National Guard’s recently installed adjutant general which said the organization would not enforce the Department’s vaccine mandate for its troops. The Pentagon mandated in August that US military service members get fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

MASS INSANITY – Demand for first pediatric doses of coronavirus vaccine at US base in Europe proves overwhelming. Parents spent hours calling and waiting Friday to grab the first COVID-19 vaccination appointments for children ages 5 to 11 at the largest U.S. military hospital in Europe, while other commands on the Continent made preparations to receive the doses.

Terrorism – UK

One dead, three arrested after taxi explodes outside hospital in Liverpool. British police arrested three men under the country’s Terrorism Act on Sunday after a car explosion outside a hospital in northwest England left one person dead and another injured.

Homeland Security

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Wisconsin National Guard to support Kenosha police. Roughly 500 Wisconsin Army National Guard troops are reporting for state active duty to support Kenosha law enforcement in ensuring public safety in relation to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and verdict.

FBI warns US companies about Iranian hackers. Iranian hackers have searched cybercriminal websites for sensitive data stolen from American and foreign organizations that could be useful in future efforts to hack those organizations, the FBI said in an advisory sent to US companies obtained by CNN.

FBI email system compromised by hackers who sent fake cyberattack alert. Hackers compromised the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s external email system on Saturday, sending spam emails to potentially thousands of people and companies with a faked warning of a cyberattack.

Biden’s Afghan Disaster

Taliban hold military parade with US-made weapons in Kabul in show of strength. Taliban forces held a military parade in Kabul on Sunday using captured American-made armored vehicles and Russian helicopters in a display that showed their ongoing transformation from an insurgent force to a regular standing army.

The Taliban is vulnerable. Here’s how to seize the moment. The Taliban is tottering; Afghanistan is in chaos. This offers the West unprecedented leverage over a foe it couldn’t beat on the battlefield.

China Threat

Chinese mock-ups of US carriers send a clear message, expert says. Chinese-built mock-ups of U.S. warships and aircraft meant for target practice send a clear message to the United States military, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College said recently.

Russia Threat

US Actions in Ukraine Backfiring as Risk of Russian Invasion Grows, Analysts Say. The U.S. military’s stepped-up activities around Ukraine have turned into a new “red line” for Moscow that could increase the risk of a large-scale Russian invasion of the country, some military analysts are cautioning as Russian troops mass on Ukraine’s border.

Poland to acquire 300 used Cougar MRAPs from the US. Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has announced the country will acquire 300 second-hand Cougar mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles from the United States as part of efforts to modernize the country’s land forces.

Iran Threat

Houthi rebels in Yemen occupy US Embassy compound, hold hostages. The U.S. is working to free Yemeni security personnel taken hostage after Iran-backed Houthi rebels stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in Yemen’s capital San’a, U.S. officials said.

Expand Israel-Arab-US military drills to counter Iran and its proxies. As a start, the United States and Israel should make clear to Riyadh that they would welcome Saudi participation in a future iteration of the ongoing multilateral Red Sea exercise as a next step in Israel and Saudi Arabia’s tiptoe toward overt security cooperation.


Cuba harasses, detains activists on eve of planned protest. Security forces surrounded the homes of Cuban activists on Sunday, the day before a planned march that will test the strength of the protest movement that erupted last summer when Cubans poured into the streets to demand more political freedoms on the communist-ruled island.


NEW CORPS – Marine Corps restructuring continues at Kaneohe Bay. More Hawaii Marines are on the move as the Corps continues a wholesale reorganization to focus on becoming a fast-moving, island-hopping, missile-firing force capable of striking enemy ships at sea to aid the Navy in a possible conflict with China.



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Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank. - - PAULCRESPO.COM

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