3 Companies Selected to Build Hypersonic Missile Interceptors

USS Coronado Launches First Over-The-Horizon Missile Using a Harpoon Block 1C Missile in Pacific Ocean, July 19, 2016 / Lieutenant Bryce Hadley via Wikimedia Commons

WASHINGTON — The Missile Defense Agency has chosen Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon Missiles and Defense to design the Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI) for regional hypersonic missile defense, the agency announced Nov. 19.

The agency awarded other transactional agreements for an “accelerated concept design” phase of the program, according to the statement.

The interceptors are intended to counter a hypersonic weapon during its glide phase of flight, a challenge as the missiles can travel more than five times the speed of sound and can maneuver, making it hard to predict a missile’s trajectory.

The interceptors will be designed to fit into the U.S. Navy’s current Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense destroyers. It will be fired from its standard Vertical Launch System and integrated with the modified Baseline 9 Aegis Weapon System that detects, tracks, controls and engages hypersonic threats, the statement notes.

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10 months ago

Right. Let’s construct us an Iron Dome like we gave to Israel.

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