[VIDEO] Leaked Crash of British F-35B

Screenshot from Video showing F-35 crash / Screenshot from Sebh1981 on Twitter

LONDON – The crash into the sea of a British F-35B combat jet on Nov. 17 was caught on video and has been subsequently leaked on Twitter.

The video shows the jet attempting to take off from the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in the eastern Mediterranean.

The short-take-off-and-vertical-landing version of the F-35 fails to generate sufficient lift or thrust and the pilot ejects as the aircraft falls over the front of the warship.

The ejection and a parachute floating down can be seen in the video posted by the Twitter account @sebh1981.

read more at Defense News 

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8 months ago

Glad to see the pilot ejected before the plane went into the drink.Obvious the plane failed to have enough speed for take-off.

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