Russian Tanks Outnumber Ukrainian Tanks

Ukrainian Tank / Screenshot from UTR News on YouTube

Russia has staged around 1,200 tanks for a possible invasion of Ukraine. That’s roughly 300 more tanks than the Ukrainian army has in its entire active force.

Which is not to say an invasion would be easy for the Russian army. After all, the Russians would be attacking. The Ukrainians would be defending. Different doctrines and dynamics apply, making a one-to-one comparison of armor holdings … problematic.

To assess Russia’s prospects for a clean sweep across, say, Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region and, by the same token, Ukraine’s chances of holding its already-fractured territory, consider how the two armies would fight.

Both the Russian and Ukrainian armies follow tried-and-true Soviet doctrine. Both armies conduct “active defense.” That is, even on the defense, they plan attacks and counterattacks in order to keep the enemy off-balance.

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William Petite
William Petite
8 months ago

I hope it doesn’t happen, But the West is in a very weak state, consumed by its own errors in leadership. The confusion that they have created in their own countries, to gain power, has left them extremely weak. They embrace Materialism to its fullest, a Marxist ideology, to busy turning their own citizens against each other, striving for total control over everything, they are ripe for the picking, by China, and Russia.

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