WEDNESDAY PDB – Florida Guard Stuck in Ukraine? Biden’s Weakness on Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Iran’s Dangerous Drones, Congress Orders Pentagon UFO Rapid Response Team, Judge Blocks Biden Vax Mandate for Fed Contractors, Whistleblower: Biden Ignored Pleas of Thousands During ‘Chaotic’ Afghan Retreat

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin participate in a tete-a-tete during a U.S.-Russia Summit on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at the Villa La Grange in Geneva. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

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Pentagon Watch

BIDEN’S INFLATION = HUNGRY TROOPS – The Pentagon vowed to help military families facing food insecurity. Some say the assistance isn’t coming fast enough. An estimated 160,000 military families experienced difficulty putting food on the table in 2020, according to Feeding America.

Judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors. U.S. District Court Judge R. Stan Baker, in Augusta, Georgia, issued a stay to bar enforcement of the mandate nationwide.

Washington Watch

US Congress includes $300 million for Ukraine, addresses China in massive defense bill. U.S. lawmakers included efforts to push back against Russia and China in a compromise version of a massive annual defense bill released on Tuesday, proposing $300 million for Ukraine’s military and a statement of support for the defense of Taiwan.

Homeland Security

The National Guard is stuck in the middle of political infighting, and it’s getting worse. Three recent battles between political forces centering on COVID-19 public health policies and immigration. And caught in the middle, between state politicians and federal political appointees, are National Guard troops.

Fellow Guardsmen push for soldier in Jan. 6 mob to be allowed to continue serving. The chain of command for a National Guardsman who pleaded guilty to being a part of the mob that ransacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 is closing ranks and begging the Army to allow him to continue serving.

International Security

What can the world expect in 2022? The concept of collective defense is gaining momentum. The possibility of unilaterally responding to an adversary — particularly if that adversary is as advanced as Russia — appears to be out of the question for the West.

French defense minister: Shifting from a new frontier to a new front. If space was the “new frontier” of the 1960s, there is no doubt that today it is a “new front” on the battlefield.

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

British whistleblower says ‘chaotic’ Afghanistan evacuation ignored the pleas of thousands. The former desk officer in the U.K. Foreign Office said that thousands of emails from Afghans potentially eligible for flights out went unread and that animals were prioritized over people in an airlift.        

China Threat

Army general wants more missile defense within first island chain. The top soldier in Japan believes the Indo-Pacific region needs more defenses against aircraft and missiles from China, Russia, and North Korea.

Russia Threat

How might allies respond if Russia invades Ukraine? NATO needs to plan beyond efforts to deter another Russian invasion of Ukraine and recognize that its actual response may differ depending on the extent of Russian military operations.

Biden-Putin square off as tension grows on Ukraine border. There appeared to be no immediate breakthroughs to ease tensions on the Ukraine question, as the U.S. emphasized a need for diplomacy and de-escalation, and issued stern threats to Russia on the consequences of an invasion.

Biden administration considering options for possibly evacuating US citizens from Ukraine if Russia invades. The Biden administration is exploring options for a potential evacuation of US citizens from Ukraine if Russia were to invade the country and create a dire security situation.

Florida National Guard troops are somehow caught up in Russia’s showdown with Ukraine. More than 100 Florida National Guard troops are currently deployed to Ukraine as U.S. intelligence officials continue to warn that Russia is poised to launch a crushing invasion of the country early next year.

Iran Threat

In militants’ hands, drones are a deadly new wild card in Middle East. Since the U.S. killing of a key Iranian general two years ago, Iran-backed militias have acquired scores of attack drones — along with a growing willingness to use them.

Space Threat

Pentagon UFO rapid response teams ordered up by Congress. Teams of Pentagon and intelligence community experts would rapidly respond to military UFO sightings and conduct field investigations under newly unveiled defense legislation set to pass Congress.


New fleet forces commander Caudle says Navy ‘will own the Atlantic.’ The incoming head of the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic fleet said his command will continue to prepare ships and sailors that will take on a renewed threat from across the sea.


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