China Caught Changing the Weather

U.S. Department of State from United States via Wikimedia Commons

China has succeeded in literally changing the weather, a new study claims.

As the South China Morning Post reports, researchers say that during the Chinese Communist Party’s centennial celebration over the summer, weather authorities successfully modified the weather above Beijing to clear the sky and reduce pollution for the tens of thousands gathered for a commemorative ceremony in Tiananmen Square.

They did so using cloud seeding technology, a long-studied but controversial process that involves shooting silver iodide particles into the clouds, with the idea of attracting water droplets to modify the weather.

The paper, by researchers at China’s Tsinghua University, comes a year after reports that China was dramatically expanding its weather modification program to a test area of a whopping 5.5 million square miles by the year 2025. As Futurism noted last December, that’s bigger than the entire country of India, and could end up raising serious issues with China’s neighbors.

Read more at Futurism 

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8 months ago

How can/could we complain?? The “climate nuts” have been trying to do this for years! Fortunately, the ‘object’ is so large (the world) that our “puny” efforts have yielded little. The little ant can’t move the boulder BUT he might scratch it a little :^)

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