CIA Chief Issues Warning About Russian Havana Syndrome

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CIA Chief Issues Warning About Russian Havana Syndrome

Aerial view of the CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia / Photo by Carol M. Highsmith

The director of the CIA reportedly issued a bold warning to Russia’s two top intelligence agencies earlier this month, saying that there will be ‘consequences’ if the US government finds out that they are behind the hundreds of Havana Syndrome cases afflicting US diplomats and spies across the globe.

The threat, delivered by CIA Director William J. Burns during a recent visit to Moscow this month, was directed at the country’s foremost intelligence agencies, the Federal Security Service, or the FSB, and the Foreign Intelligence Service – the SVR.

During the visit, the CIA chief further told his Kemlin counterparts that causing crippling aliments among US personnel and their family members would be unacceptable for a ‘professional intelligence service,’ US officials who witnessed the exchange told The Washington Post, speaking under the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the conversation.

Burns’ warning did not explicitly state that Russia was behind the still-largely unknown syndrome, which first surfaced at the US embassy in Havana in 2016 and has since afflicted more than 200 Americans around the world, but the fact that the CIA head worded the warning with the conditional ‘if,’ suggests that the US government is still confounded as to the cause of the unusual incidents.

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Peter K Baker
Peter K Baker
6 months ago

Excuse to go to war.

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