Biden Doesn’t Want Congress To Know About Iran’s Military Secrets

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

U.S. President Joe Biden signed a massive $768 annual defense bill into law on Monday, but opposed a provision requiring him to provide Congress with detailed reports regarding the military capabilities of Iran and related activities.

The Iran-related provision, Sec. 1227(a)(1), requires a “detailed description” of Iran’s military advancements, all arms sales and transfers to or from Iran, all missile launches by Iran and changes in Iranian-backed military groups’ capabilities. Any intelligence provided to Congress will likely be classified, at best, and would likely be in the form of a verbal briefing instead of a written report.

In a statement following the National Defense Authorization Act’s signing, Biden said the Iran-related provision was one of several that would “effectively require executive departments and agencies to submit reports to certain committees that will include highly sensitive classified information, including information that could reveal critical intelligence sources or military operational plans.”

Biden noted that he has constitutional authority to prevent the disclosure of such sensitive information for national security purposes, while recognizing that congressional oversight committees have their own legitimate needs to ensure national security and military matters.

Read more at Haaretz


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5 months ago

So is Beijing Biden now a Mullah, or what? Whose side is he on?

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