Intervention in Kazakhstan Proves Dangerous for Putin

Russian: Russian President Vladimir Putin during a joint press conference with President of Moldova Igor Dodon /

The sudden and violent crisis in Kazakhstan has caught Russian President Vladimir Putin at a moment when his attention was firmly focused elsewhere and forced him into a military intervention that carries potential risks.

Putin immediately committed Russian paratroopers on Thursday as part of a peacekeeping force from former Soviet states requested by Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who is facing the most dangerous wave of unrest since the Central Asian nation won independence from Moscow in 1991.

Russian and Western political analysts said the crisis would not shift Putin’s focus from Ukraine, where he has forced the West to the negotiating table by mobilising tens of thousands of Russian troops for what Kyiv and Washington say could be a possible invasion within weeks – something he denies.

But Kazakhstan presents at the very least an unwelcome temporary distraction as Russia prepares to open negotiations with the West next week over its demands for security guarantees to protect it from what it sees as threatening NATO behaviour.


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Billy Q
Billy Q
7 months ago

I guess Biden isn’t like Trump , other countries think he’s a fool

6 months ago

Does Gospodin Putin want to be the Czar of the Soviet Union 2.0?

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