Ukraine Preparing Cold War-era Bunkers for War with Russia

Cold War Era Nuclear Bunker from The UK / Photo by Mike McBey on Flickr

Life goes on in Kyiv, even as officials doubt talks will lead to breakthrough in Ukraine-Russia standoff

Beneath an administrative building in Kyiv, a concrete stairwell leads down to a thick metal door — the entrance to a bomb shelter from the Cold War era. It’s just one of the hundreds of shelters city officials are inspecting in case the simmering conflict in Eastern Ukraine boils over into a full-scale Russian invasion.

“Our goal is to have shelters for 100 per cent of our population,” said Nikolai Budnik, the manager of the city’s shelter system, as he gave CBC a tour on Monday of a bunker built in 1986.

Because of the recent escalation in tensions between Ukraine and Russia, he said, authorities are inspecting the shelters and replenishing the supplies stored inside, such as gas masks.

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4 months ago

Never forget: they know the Russian bear much better than we do.

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