UK’s MI5 Security Service Warns CCP Spy Funding Brit Politicians

Chinese President Xi Jinping / Photo by Global Panorama via Flickr

A Chinese national who has donated funds to UK MPs has been outed as a spy by MI5.

In a memo to MPs and Peers the UK’s Intelligence Service issued a security warning that a female Chinese national has been attempting to covertly influence British politics on behalf of China, The Sun first reported.

Christine Lee is believed to have been carrying out political interference activities on behalf of the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party.

The security memo said: “I am writing now to draw your attention to the attached Interference Alert issued by the Security Service, MI5, about the activities of an individual, Christine Lee, who has been engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, engaging with Members here at Parliament and associated political entities.”

Read more at CityA.M.

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Anne Campagna
Anne Campagna
6 months ago

engaging? what kind of?

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