Why Is Anti-Wall Biden Building a Mysterious Wall Around White House? And Why Isn’t the Media Asking About it?

BREAKING – Even as President Biden has halted construction of former President Trump’s border wall with Mexico and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens swarm into the country, Biden is on a wall-building binge for himself. First, late last year was a security fence around Biden’s beach house in Delaware that will cost American taxpayers nearly half a million dollars.

And now, this week, , without explanation, it’s a concrete barrier on the North Lawn between the White House and the iron fence that already surrounds the presidential property. This is the side facing Lafayette Park, the site of violent anti-Trump BLM rioting in late May and early June 2020.

During that summer’s bloody siege the Secret Service was so concerned the White House perimeter could get breached by the mob of Molotov cocktail-throwing arsonists and rioters it rushed President Trump to the secure underground bunker beneath the White House.

So far, only social media has taken notice of Biden’s bizarre new wall, with Tweets and YouTube videos showing photos and video of the unexplained White House construction. No major media has covered it or asked about it.

Considering Biden-Harris’ strong anti-wall stance, the media should be all over this.

Biden famously Tweeted in in October 2020: “we must seek not to build walls, but bridges.”

Vice President Harris similarly Tweeted her anti-wall sentiment on November 29, 2019: “The strength of our union isn’t in the walls we build.”

Harris also questioned the effectiveness of walls, tweeting “let’s be honest about it: Trump’s wall won’t stop transnational criminal organizations” in January 2019.

Yet, here is Biden building his latest wall at taxpayer expense – for himself.

The National Pulse noted that “live video feeds of the building were also reportedly killed. While the construction of security barriers can sometimes occur ahead of foreign heads of state visiting the U.S., no events have been publicly announced or scheduled.”

“What’s going on at the White House?” tweeted Sebastian Gorka, a military analyst and former Trump administration official.

Indeed, what is going on? And why isn’t the media asking about it? ADN

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1 year ago

A most UN-American act of cowardice. Why did the Soviets build the Berlin Wall? Hmmm? To restrict movement of the populace, There are two options: penetration either IN or OUT.

9 months ago

Either the regime is paranoid, or they’re up to something they expect will be very offensive to the American people.