THURSDAY PDB – US Troops Training In Ukraine as Russian Invasion Threat Looms, Russia and Iran vs US, Unhardened USAF Hangars In Pacific Vulnerable to Chinese Attack, Socialist Cuba Represses Protesters, Newly Released Video of Biden’s Deadly Botched Afghan Drone Strike

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National Security

CONTROVERSIAL FINDING – CIA finds most Havana Syndrome cases not the work of enemies: Report. The CIA has determined a mysterious sickness affecting hundreds of United States diplomatic workers across the world is not part of a widespread targeted campaign by a foreign power, according to US media reports.

Military may take months to gauge 5G safety risks to aircraft. As the commercial airline and telecommunications industries scramble to limit the potential safety risks to aircraft from a rollout of new 5G networks, it may be months before the U.S. military has a handle on whether, or how big, of a problem this might be for its own planes.

China Threat

SURE THEY DID – China says it warned away US warship in South China Sea, US denies. Chinese forces followed and warned away a U.S. warship which entered waters near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, the country’s military said on Thursday, but the U.S. Navy denied the ship had been warned off

Air Force must harden Pacific Bases against missiles, secretary says. Today’s unhardened, undispersed hangars are easy targets for a new generation of Chinese weapons, Frank Kendall said.

Russia Threat – Ukraine

Biden promises additional troops, sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. The United States will send more troops to eastern European NATO members, including Poland or Romania, if Russian President Vladimir Putin moves forward with an invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden said Wednesday.

US special operations presses on in Ukraine amid threat of Russian invasion. U.S. special operators are continuing with a mission to build up an elite fighting force in Ukraine, military officials said, even as Russia threatens invasion with its thousands of troops, tanks and artillery massed along their borders.

Florida Army National Guard unit serving in volatile Ukraine. About 150 members of the Pinellas Park based unit are currently in Ukraine. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden briefed a bipartisan group of senators to discuss Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s borders.

DISGRACE – Germany holds its ground on denying weapons for Ukraine. Officials in Berlin have rejected a renewed request by Ukraine for lethal, defensive equipment in the face of Russia’s massive troop buildup, effectively testing the restrictive arms-export policy enshrined in the government’s coalition agreement.

Russia Threat

Russian troop build-up sparks unintended NATO renewal. Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine is galvanizing NATO defenses in Europe that President Vladimir Putin wants to dismantle, giving the alliance a sense of renewal after failures in Afghanistan.

Iran Threat

Russia and Iran put on a show of unity — against the US. Vladimir V. Putin met at the Kremlin with Iran’s new leader, Ebrahim Raisi, at a time when both their countries, despite their differences, are at odds with Washington.


SOCIALIST REPRESSION 90 MILES FROM US – Cubans who joined July protests now face stiff sentences. Scores of people are facing stiff sentences in trials this month for their roles in the demonstrations of July 11 and 12, according to relatives and human rights groups.

International Security

Greece boosts Air Force with advanced French jets. French-built fighter jets roared Wednesday over the Acropolis as Greece races to modernize its military and flaunts new security alliances aimed at checking neighboring Turkey.

Biden’s Afghan Disaster

Newly declassified video shows US killing of 10 civilians in drone strike. The New York Times obtained footage of the botched strike in Kabul, whose victims included seven children, through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.


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