Putin Isn’t Afraid of ‘Minor Incursion’ Biden and Knows America is Divided

Russian President Vladimir Putin has seized the opportunity to assert his nation’s position in Eastern Europe at a time when the United States is both mired in domestic division and fixated on challenging China.

Tied down at home and abroad, President Joe Biden has expressed an unwillingness to become embroiled in a long-term crisis over Ukraine, on whose border Moscow has amassed up to 100,000 troops while warning against Kyiv joining the NATO Western military alliance.

During a two-hour press conference on Wednesday, Biden got ahead of other administration officials in offering the prediction that Putin “will move in” on Ukraine, “he has to do something.”

And while he warned his Russian counterpart “will pay a serious and dear price for it,” Biden suggested a potentially measured response calibrated to the depth of the anticipated Russian action.

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1 year ago

Neither is xi – you know the idiot in the white house is just gonna let putin do whatever he feels like doing to the former states of the ussr (don’t be led astray – putin is heading in this direstion) and I suspect xi will take over Taiwan within a few months, and all the idiot in the white house will snivel and shake in his slippers!