Blitzkrieg – How Fast Could Putin’s Army Take Ukraine’s Capital? via Wikimedia Commons

How the Russians Could Quickly Take Kyiv: What if the Russian attack into Ukraine came from the north, from Belarus? Russian mechanized forces are staged in Belarus and are relatively close to the capital of Kyiv. A lightning strike invasion from high-speed avenues of approach could endanger Kyiv and place Russian troops in the city. This would enable a Russian mission to quickly install a pro-Russian leadership team in Kyiv. With the deployment of troops and armor in the east and southeast of Ukraine, the Russians could stage a coordinated attack with Kyiv as the prize and regime change as the end state.

Russian troops and hardware have streamed into Belarus this month enabling Moscow to form a ring around Ukraine. Russia claims the Belarus deployment is because of planned war games with the Belarusian military called United Resolve to be held in February. Kyiv is just 56 miles from the Belarusian border. Russian troops have already arrayed in the west and northwest regions of Belarus on the border with Poland and Lithuania.

Russian troops from the First Guards Tank Army are currently staged around Mirnyi, Klintsy, and Unecha north of Chrnihov, in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia. This unit is northeast of Kyiv and could travel down through Chernihiv to form a pincer movement to over-run Kyiv.

Moscow has moved jet fighters and air-defense systems to Belarus. Russia said on January 18 that 12 SU-35 warplanes, two units of S-400 air defense systems, and an assortment of Pantsir-S air defense systems were in Belarus.

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