Is China’s Communist Leader Xi Jinping Facing an Internal Rebellion?

Xi Jinping gives remarks to Vladimir Putin in Russia/ via ( Wikimedia Commons

A faction linked to a disgraced former senior Chinese police official is posing such a serious threat to Chinese President Xi Jinping that China’s Ministry of Public Security has formed a team to crush it. This faction may possibly be attempting a coup against Xi, judging by the urgency with which the Public Security Ministry is seeking to nip this rebellion.

The former official is Sun Lijun (above), previously vice minister of Public Security. Before his downfall around April 2020, Sun was the most senior Chinese official overseeing Hong Kong when the city was rocked by protests in 2019 and 2020. He is believed to be responsible for the abduction and transfer to mainland China of five people associated with a dissident bookstore in Hong Kong in 2015 and 2016.

Although Sun has been under detention since 2020, the Public Security Ministry has formed a special group to “eradicate the poisonous influence of the political faction of Sun Lijun,” the ministry announced at a meeting dedicated to this task on January 24.

Although Xi appears to be unassailable, having amassed arguably the most power since Mao Zedong assumed power, it is clear he is taking the matter very seriously. He has generated considerable antagonism within the Chinese bureaucracy with his nine-year anti-corruption campaign, which has led to the jailing of more than 120 high-ranking officials including generals, senior executives of state-owned companies, and former top-ranking leaders.

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