Ret. US General Warns We Could See a ‘nuclear Breakout’ from Iran

Iranian military leaders stand during a major military parade / Mohammad Akhlaghi

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg joined Trey Gowdy’s “Sunday Night in America” to discuss the ongoing threats the United States faces from overseas.

Gowdy opened his latest show with an overview of foreign threats from Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine, China’s potential invasion of Taiwan, and the removal of some sanctions against Iran opening the doors for nuclear weapons. Gowdy said our leaders are sending “mixed signals” to the world on where we stand on these issues.

“Despite the threats from these countries on the world stage, there are mixed signals being sent by politicians and pundits in this country. Some conservative politicians and media personalities have openly questioned why the U.S. would back Ukraine in a conflict with Russia while Nancy Pelosi’s advice to Olympic athletes in Beijing even thinking about speaking out against that country and its policies is to shut up and skate,” Gowdy said.

Kellogg was equally pessimistic, admitting that he thinks this could lead to a nuclear break-out in Iran.

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