Russia Launches Naval Exercise In The Barents Sea

Image of the Russian Warships Petr Velikiy. HMS St Albans was joined by three Royal Air Force Typhoon jets while they sailed next to the Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the Nuclear powered guided missile cruiser Petr Velikiy.

Some 20 ships from Russia’s Northern fleet have commence naval drills in the Barents Sea, Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday.

The “planned” exercise in the Arctic waters between Russia and Norway includes surface ships, submarines, boats and fleet support vessels, as well as more than 10 Russian aircraft. The ships will fire at sea and air targets using artillery, anti-submarine weapons and electronic warfare equipment.

The exercises are the latest a string on Russian naval drills performed recently amid fears that Russia may invade Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied such plans.

“The purpose of the exercise is to practice the actions of the Northern Fleet forces to protect Russian national interests in the World Ocean, as well as to counter military threats to the Russian Federation from sea and ocean directions,” the defense ministry said.

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