Putin Threatens non-NATO Members Sweden and Finland for Aiding Ukraine

Main battle tank T-14 object 148 Armata (in the streets of Moscow on the way to or from the Red Square) / Photo by Vitaly V. Kuzmin via Wikimedia commons

Russia is now threatening Sweden and Finland with military action if they join NATO, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday.

During a press conference on Friday, Maria Zakharova addressed the ongoing war with Ukraine, as well as Russia’s path forward. Her remarks included a threat of “serious military-political repercussions” against Sweden and Finland if the two nations seek to join NATO.

“Finland and Sweden should not base their security damaging the security of other countries,” Zakharova said, according to Newsweek translation.

“Clearly [the] accession of Finland and Sweden into NATO, which is first and foremost a military alliance, would have serious military-political repercussions that would demand a response from our country,” she added.

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4 months ago

Finland and Sweden should be accepted tomorrow. Then let’s see Putin take on the western world.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
4 months ago

WW3 is here

4 months ago

Several years ago, many people questioned whether NATO was relevant anymore, and some people went so far as to say it was an organization in search of a purpose. Mr. Putin has just demonstrated that NATO is needed now as much as it has ever been.

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