Ukrainian President Zelensky Blames Feckless Biden for Putin Invasion

Senate sources said on Saturday that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky pinned blame for Russia’s invasion into Ukraine on Democrat President Joe Biden’s refusal to enact sanctions against Russia before Russia launched the invasion.

Zelensky told Senators that if the U.S. “had started sanctions months ago, there would not have been war.”

Reuters noted just a few days before Russia invaded Ukraine that Biden was “refus[ing] to unleash sanctions on Russia” until Russia invaded, despite numerous officials, including Zelensky, saying that the sanctions could stop the invasion from happening.

“You tell me 100% that there will be war in a few days’ time. What are you waiting for?” Zelensky said before the invasion. “We will not need your sanctions after there is a bombardment, or after our state is shot at, or if we have no more borders, we do not have an economy, or parts of our state is occupied.”

Read more at The Daily Wire 

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8 months ago

Just one more way that Biden and his Establishment Elites are destroying America and the World.

Richard Courtemanche
Richard Courtemanche
8 months ago

If only these narcissists could see themselves !