Ukraine Destroys Huge Russian Amphibious Landing Ship

Official U.S. Navy Page via Flickr

Ukraine has destroyed a huge Russian ship just days after state media filmed it unloading reinforcements at a captured port, as Putin‘s army continues to suffer punishing losses at the hands of Kyiv‘s men.

The Ukrainian navy said early Thursday that it had scored a direct hit on the Orsk, a 370ft Russian Alligator-class tank carrier, as it was sitting at anchor in the captured port of Berdyansk, in the south of Ukraine.

Multiple photos and videos showed thick black smoke rising from the port as one ship sat at the harbour in flames, while another two sailed away – one of which also appeared to be damaged.

Just three days before the strike, Russian state media had filmed the Orsk at the port unloading armoured vehicles which it said would reinforce troops in nearby Mariupol – prompting speculation that Ukraine could use the video to target the vessel.

Read more at The Daily Mail 

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Hooray Victory

Ronald Rubery
Ronald Rubery
4 months ago

I want to see it being sunk

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