Time for Feds to Investigate China Donations to U Penn’s ‘Biden Center’

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Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell,’ as former President Trump famously called it, has turbo-charged efforts to investigate the Biden family’s various ventures linked with foreign entities, including Ukraine and Communist China.

Now one ethics watchdog group is demanding a federal investigation into tens of millions of dollars in anonymous donations from Communist China to the University of Pennsylvania – home of the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement – a Washington D.C.-based think tank, launched in 2018.

President Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, served as the Biden Center’s managing director until 2019.

The New York Post reported, “The Ivy League college raked in a total of $54.6 million from 2014 through June 2019 in donations from China, including $23.1 million in anonymous gifts starting in 2016, according to public records.”

Between 2017 and 2019 President Biden was also paid nearly one million dollars (more than $900,000) by Penn, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

While Biden appeared at occasional panel discussions, and public events, there is nothing to show that Biden ever taught any classes.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) NLPC filed a 12-page complaint in October 2020 with the Department of Justice to determine if relationships between the Bidens and these organizations violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The NLPC also is demanding the federal government investigate the Truman National Security Project, which according to InfluenceWatch, is a “left-leaning Washington D.C.-based think tank that conducts training in national security issues and advocates the U.S. take a more active role in promoting liberal policies as part of the nation’s foreign policy.”

The NLPC reported on the Truman Security Project ties to Burisma – the Ukrainian energy company that reportedly paid Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars for “consulting services,” despite not having any relevant energy experience.

NLPC goes on to link all these groups, and their influence on the U.S. government, by explaining that:

“Hunter served as a board member until 2019 on the liberal Truman National Security Project along with Sally Painter, COO of Blue Star Strategies, a lobbying firm retained by Burisma to promote its interests before the State Department.”

NLPC adds that, “The Truman Project, which endorsed Kamala Harris in 2016 for her Senate race, failed to note on its 2017 tax filing that Hunter and Painter had a business relationship with each other through Burisma.”

The NLPC complaint reads:

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) hereby files this complaint against Hunter Biden; the Truman National Security Project; and the University of Pennsylvania and its Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, because there is reason to believe that one or more of them or their agents may have failed to register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), 22 U.S.C. 611, et seq. regarding their political activities on behalf of a foreign country or principal. NLPC requests a full investigation of this matter, which we believe may lead to other civil or criminal violations of federal law, including conspiracy, money laundering, tax evasion, and wire fraud, that may have been committed by Hunter Biden and his associates, including his uncle James Biden, and his father Joe Biden.

The NLPC complaint cites an alleged text message from Hunter Biden to his business partner Tony Bobulinski on May 1, 2017, regarding their client CEFC – a state-controlled Chinese energy company with links to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

In it Hunter seems to admit their evading the FARA requirement.

“We don’t want to have to register as foreign agents. . . which is much more expansive than people who should know choose not to know,” Hunter wrote. ADN

Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank. - paulcrespo.substack.com - PAULCRESPO.COM

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Oscar Posada
Oscar Posada
5 months ago

I am tired of all these; we must impeach corrupt Biden and his whole corrupted family

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