Pentagon Calls on Firearms Industry to Help Ukriane

Air Force / Public Domain

WASHINGTON ― In its effort to quickly arm Ukraine against Russia, the Pentagon has announced the equivalent of an open casting call for companies to offer weapons and commercial systems that can be rushed to the fight.

The Defense Department on Friday posted a broad request for information from industry on the federal contracting website The move is part of a stepped-up dialogue between the Pentagon and industry, and a sign of the challenge of boosting arms production in response to the ongoing conflict.

The RFI, on behalf of the new undersecretary of defense for acquisitions and sustainment, Bill LaPlante, is seeking input “from across industry” about air defense, anti-armor, anti-personnel, coastal defense, counter battery, unmanned aerial systems, and communications equipment, such as secure radios and satellite internet gear.

To that end, the DoD asks that responding companies describe their weapon, product or system in 100 words or less, and ― in the case of munitions ― check off “appropriate target type(s),” such as area, fixed, airborne/missile, maritime, mine, moving, hard or soft. The RFI says information received will be used to develop requirements for an actual solicitation at a later date.

Read more at Defense News 

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19 days ago

So this administration who wants to shut down firearms and ammunition manufacturers and confiscate ALL firearms from the U. S. Citizens wants those very manufacturers to SUPPLY FIREARMS and ammunition to a foreign country?!?

Firearms and ammunition manufacturers- DO NOT DO IT!!

John Tenore
John Tenore
19 days ago

Maybe out government can give Americans the gun they want in return for something they may want to donate?
This seems better than giving loads of guns to a country that could lose and show our involvement plus our government keeps coming up with ways to take all our guns away, drip, drip, drip.

19 days ago

Or they could ask Afghanistan to kindly return the weapons that THEY left. That would be more than enough.

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