Media Avoids Radical Woman Behind Biden’s Anti-Free Speech ‘Truth’ Board

White House / Public Domain

It’s now been 12 days since the Department of Homeland Security announced what amounts to an Orwellian attempt at muzzling free speech, a disinformation board that will ramp up in the midst of an important midterm election year.

But since April 27, the morning and evening newscasts have stayed silent on the DHS board. They have also been quiet on the background of Nina Jankowicz, the partisan, hard-left Democrat who is to run it.

With the exception of one minute and 23 seconds on the May 1 edition of the Sunday chat show Meet the Press, there’s been no network coverage of the board or Jankowicz. And since our last disinformation watch update on May 2, there certainly have been disturbing things that they could have covered regarding both.

The woman, whose job it is to discern truth from disinformation, gave a speech in Cleveland last October called “Disinformation and Democracy: Civic Discourse in the Digital Age.”

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