Will Biden Extend Trump’s Title 42 Border Policy?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Flickr

The Biden Administration just expanded the pandemic-era border policy Title 42 for Cubans and Nicaraguan migrants to wait in Mexico while their asylum case are processed. This is creating confusion about whether the policy will actually end.

Immigration attorney Esther Valdez tells San Diego’s morning news, that this is likely a sign the White House will let the border policy stay in place.

“I think the Biden Administration is all but telling us, that they’re not going through with it. We’re seeing Covid numbers rising, and at the same time americans are dealing with higher numbers in San Francisco and Philadelphia. I think we will keep Title 42 in the meantime, while this case is heard.

The next court hearing over whether the Biden Administration can rescind Title 42 is on May 13th.

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