Questioning Biden’s DHS on ‘ghost flights,’ Bussing of Migrants Throughout US

U.S. Customs and Border Protection via Flickr

Rep. Dan Meuser is sponsoring a bill demanding answers on illegal immigrants being sent on so-called “ghost flights” and busses throughout the country.

The Pennsylvania Republican said on “Fox & Friends First” his district has been directly impacted and slammed the Biden administration for a lack of transparency and accountability.

“The goal is simply to provide my constituents and the American people transparency and notification as to how HHS is moving illegals and flying them to different parts of the country,” he told Carley Shimkus and Todd Piro.

Another bill sponsored by Rep. Chip Roy would suspend the entry of illegal immigrants in the United States. “The Border Safety and Security Act of 2022” would authorize the Homeland Security Secretary to suspend the entry of illegal immigrants into the United States, if he determines it “necessary in order to achieve operational control” of the border.
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