Hardening Schools Against Crazed Killers Is Best Option – Biden and Dems Disagree

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ANALYSIS – In the wake of the latest school massacre by a crazed killer in Texas last week, where 19 children and two teachers were brutally murdered by the gun-wielding lunatic, common sense proposals to increase security and otherwise harden schools to protect our children are gaining steam.

As expected though, Democrats in general, and President Biden in particular aren’t on board.

With Democrats again leveraging this tragedy to push a radical gun control agenda, Republicans are focusing on the root problems of crime and mental illness, and on making schools safer by making them less vulnerable targets.

When asked about the issue, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) told reporters that Democrats and Republicans are “discussing how we might be able to come together and target the problem, which is mental illness and school safety.”

This should of course include hardening schools by providing at least one armed and well-trained security officer or school police at every school in America and adding other security measures such as limited access to the school, fences, self-locking doors with emergency exit ability like fire doors, cameras, and panic alarms.

All of these solutions are reasonable and relatively cost effective, especially considering often-bloated public school budgets.

Allowing some vetted, trained and licensed teachers to carry firearms at school, much like we now have pilots on airliners carrying, is another solution. Arming pilots was also highly contentious but has seen no adverse effects once widely implemented.

Meanwhile speaking for President Biden, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday, according to National Review:

I know there’s been conversation about hardening schools, that is not something he believes in. He believes that we should be able to give teachers the resources to be able to do their job.

The obvious response to that is – Isn’t hardening schools in the manner described above giving the teachers the resources to do their job, by giving them the safety needed to do it?

Let’s focus on criminals and mentally ill people, and how to stop them, not on violating the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. That’s a far more effective and lawful solution.

Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and President of the Center for American Defense Studies, a national security think tank. - paulcrespo.substack.com - PAULCRESPO.COM

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5 months ago

The Damnocrats don’t want a common sense solution. They want gun control so they can take total control of the country and then install their communist agenda.

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