Political Trials Show Conservatives Treated Unfairly

Photo of January 6th Capitol Riots by Tyler Merbler via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en) Flickr

This week’s Jan. 6 carnival barkers never mentioned the name of Ashli Babbitt, a Donald Trump supporter killed by a Capitol Police officer during the Jan. 6 riots. The Jan. 6 carnival barkers also ignore that many Jan. 6 defendants are being denied the Sixth Amendment guarantee of a speedy and fair trial.

Both omissions by the Jan. 6 barkers are just the latest examples of a flagrant, two-tiered justice system that treats conservatives—especially anyone supporting Trump—as second-class citizens.

There were many troubling conflicts of interest at Michael Sussman’s D.C. Beltway swamp trial venue. A reported 3 of the 12 jurors were Hillary Clinton donors, and as Open Secrets reports, just 1.6% of U.S. adult women and 2% of men have given $200 or more in political donations. In other words, only the most truly committed believers put dollars behind their political ideology.

Given the District of Columbia has a much higher per capita of donors because of its professional political class, sure it might have been a little harder to find a non-Clinton donor, but given the hyperpartisan nature of the attacks lobbed by the Clinton campaign, these donations should have been grounds for jury dismissal.

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