Democrat Anti-Police Louisville Mayor Punched in Face by Black Suspect at Juneteenth Event

Screenshot via Twitter

ANALYSIS – Karma? Can this be more ironic? The notoriously anti-police and pro-BLM Democratic mayor of Louisville, Kentucky – Greg Fischer – was punched in the face and knocked to the ground by a black suspect at a Juneteenth event Saturday in the city’s downtown area.

His security detail did not prevent the assault nor detain the suspect, despite one agent pursuing the man after the attack.

The Blaze reported that:

Greg Gitschier — a former Secret Service agent and former bodyguard of the mayor — told WHAS-TV that “it’s becoming an upside-down world because lines that were never crossed so much in the past now seem to no longer matter.”

Video shows the punch knocking Fischer to the ground. While hit hard, the mayor did not need medical treatment.

While lines are being crossed daily in our society run amok, perhaps Fischer’s anti-police and pro-BLM actions had something to do with it.

In September, 2020, at the height of the violent BLM riots, the city council declared it had “no confidence” in Fischer.

This followed a claim from at least 100 police officers that Fischer wanted them to “stand down” amid violent 2020 protests. The mayor denied he gave that order and instead blamed the police chief.

The cops also wanted Fischer to resign.  And hundreds of officers were caught on video walking out on Fischer when he arrived to address them at an early June 2020 roll call.

The Blaze added:

Many commenters unleashed mockery on Louisville police’s Facebook post about the punch, with most of the derision directed toward Fischer, implying that the mayor’s policies led to the physical attack on him.

“Karma. What you allow will continue. You have allowed crime to run unabashed. It will continue,” one commenter wrote.

“Just peacefully protesting, nothing to see here,” another commenter quipped.

WLKY-TV reported that Louisville Metro Police Department are still looking for the suspect, and released photos of the attacker:


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