Navy’s Embarrassingly Woke Training Video Pushing Gender Pronouns Gets Slammed

The response to the Navy’s recent, wildly woke training using two rainbow-clad sailors explaining how to create a “safe space” by using “proper gender pronouns,” and “inclusive language” has been ferocious.

Retired Navy SEAL and Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted:

Here’s an idea, fire everyone in the Navy who puts pronouns in their email signature and focus on how to be better at war.

For God’s sake, stop this stupidity.

In a video posted on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday, Crenshaw added insightfully: “And look, side note: we already have inclusive language in the military. It’s called ranks. You can just call somebody a chief, or a petty officer or a captain or a lieutenant. Boom. Inclusive. Problem solved.”

Rob O’Neill, the SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, echoed Crenshaw’s comments, calling the guidance “ridiculously useless.”

“Let me make it simple for the entire @USNavy: Your pronouns are shipmate/shipmates. There. I just saved the taxpayers millions by avoiding ridiculously useless training. Anchors aweigh,” he tweeted.

In the Navy video, Naval Undersea Warfare Center engineer Jony Rozon introduces himself by telling the viewer that he uses “he/him” pronouns. His co-host, engineer Conchy Vasquez, then says she uses “she/her” pronouns.

The video goes on to promote the use of “inclusive language” and being “allies,” as well as instruction on what to do if someone is “misgendered.”

Here is the absurd video:

Texas Rep. Brian Babin Tweeted that the “woke” video is an “embarrassment.”

Only in #BidensAmerica is the U.S. Navy more focused on woke, made-up pronouns than ensuring our forces are equipped and ready to defend America. This is an embarrassment – our enemies are laughing.”


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11 months ago

“… show that you’re allies …” That’s what uniforms are for! Good grief.