Major Problems Uncovered with US Army Stryker Combat Vehicles

A scaled illustration of Epirus’ Leonidas counter-electronics system mounted on a GDLS Stryker. / Illustration Curtesy of Epirus

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army said it identified a power problem potentially associated with new communications and network tools and Stryker combat vehicles during a live-fire exercise in Europe.

Soldiers with the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment put Capability Set ‘23 equipment to the test in recent weeks at Grafenwohr Training Area in Germany, as officials from the Army’s network modernization office and test-and-evaluation command looked on.

One issue identified during the exercise was related to power — or lack thereof. The Strykers soldiers relied upon were power constrained during the event, hamstringing what could be accomplished in the field. Questions lingered about whether it was the newly fitted kit, the integrated tactical network, or the Stryker variant itself that sat at the root of the problem.

“The unit was saying they we’re having some issues with not being able to do silent watch for an extended duration, where, basically, the Strykers shut off and run on batteries while they’re doing night operations,” Lt. Col. Jonathan Judy, a product manager for capability set development, told reporters on a conference call. “They were having some difficulties there. That’s one of the things we took back.”

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2 months ago

Well at least they know the proper pronouns, that’ll keep the world safe!

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