Poll: Democrats Are Party of Elites, GOP Represents Working Class Majority

There are lots of polls these days, but a new one conducted by the New York Times & Sienna College, found that Democrats have become the party for white collar workers, while Republicans now represent the ‘working class’.

“I think that goes to show the huge harm that Biden-flation, and the reckless policies are having on the American people, especially working Americans” said Tommy Pigott with the RNC, “We’re seeing inflation take a massive toll on real wages, we’re seeing gas prices and grocery prices surge.”

It didn’t used to be this way, but the Dems disconnect has left them completely out of touch with the majority of Americans, as they continue to pursue their radical, socialist agenda.

“Regular Americans, people just trying to live their lives, they’re paying for the wealthy, the elite, and the connected to benefit, and they’re not seeing any of that benefit for themselves” Pigott told KTRH, “So I think it’s time we stop empowering bureaucrats, start empowering the people, and that’s the contrast the Republican party is offering, and I think that’s why we’re seeing this huge growth of support for the GOP.”

Read more at IheartRadio.com

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