Putin’s Humiliating Trip to Tehran

Iranian military leaders stand during a major military parade / Mohammad Akhlaghi

The front page of the July 20 edition of the Tehran Times is a real collector’s item.

Hovering over a picture of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei sitting across from visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin in a sparse, almost empty room – adorned only with an official portrait of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and a neatly displayed flag of the Islamic Republic – was the understated, subtle yet dramatic headline: “New world order.”

A new world order announced by Iran, no less.

Putin’s visit to Tehran may have achieved little (don’t be too impressed by the Gazprom-Iran $40-billion deal on energy cooperation) and is certainly not a harbinger of a “new world order.” Rather, it is evidence of Putin’s weakness, limited room for maneuver and political destituteness.

Read more at Haaretz

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