Ukraine Has A Russian Spy Problem – They are ‘Everywhere’

Photo by President of Ukraine via Wikimedia Commons

Senior Ukrainian officials are increasingly concerned about Russian spies lurking in the capital, divulging state secrets and helping target sensitive military and civilian infrastructure, Fox News has learned.

“They will infiltrate the security services,” Ihor Zvhokva, a top diplomatic aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, told Fox News.  “The armed forces, the intelligence community — you name it — with the people, with their agents.”

The espionage problem has gotten so bad, Zelenskyy recently fired two top officials, including the head of his security services, over their failure to root out the spies. Today, there are hundreds of active investigations.

“Russia was never, you know, forgetting about this dream for Ukraine to become, again, a part of Russia,” Zvhokva said.  “In times of war, some of them reveal themselves and some [do] not.”

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