See the U.S. Army’s New Battlefield Brazzier – The Tacical Bra

Marine Corps / Public Domain

The U.S. Army is diversifying its commitment to supporting the troops, saying it’s working to develop a new tactical bra for female soldiers.  “Tactical” means that it’s meant to integrate into existing body armor and give an added level of protection to female soldiers, but comfort is also being considered as a key benefit to women in the field. About 15 percent of today’s active-duty military is female.

The Army reports that the bra’s development began with a survey given to female soldiers on what functionality and design features should be incorporated into the ideal battlefield brassiere. Several prototypes are currently being tested ​​at the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center, or DEVCOM.

“This means that designers are evaluating options such as the inclusion of flame-retardant fabrics and expertly layered compression, structural and protective materials while also taking into account the importance of accurate sizing, reliable comfort, moisture management and breathability,” the Army reports.

“The overall goal is to produce garments that not only protect the user, but reduce the cognitive burden on the female soldier caused by discomfort and ill fit,” said Ashley Cushon, clothing designer and project lead for the ATB at the DEVCOM Soldier Center. “Achieving this will improve the soldier’s overall readiness and performance levels, allowing them to focus on their mission.”

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