Nancy Pelosi Brought a Secret Guest With Her To Taiwan

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who quietly accompanied his mother on last week’s controversial trip to Taiwan where she called out China for its threatening moves toward the self-ruled island, holds a stake in a Chinese technology company, according to a report on Thursday.

​​Paul Pelosi Jr., who received 700,000 shares of Borqs Technologies as compensation for his services, became the second-largest investor after CEO Pat Sek Yuen Chan​ ​​when other company insiders sold ​their ​​shares i​n June 2021​​, the Daily Mail reported, citing Security and Exchange Commission filings.

As of March 2022, Pelosi Jr. still owned around 147,000 shares — or about 0.07% of outstanding shares.

The report said Pelosi Jr., 53, also worked for the company, which has a market value of about $22 million, in a board of consultancy role. ​

Read more at The New York Post 

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