Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Tests Positive for Covid, Again

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III briefs the press from the Pentagon Briefing Room, Washington, D.C., Feb. 19, 2021. (DoD Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders).

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is now reportedly working from home after testing positive for Covid-19 once again.

As reports:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Monday he has tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time and will keep up his work while quarantining at home through Friday.

Austin, who is vaccinated, said he received the positive test results in the morning and had only mild symptoms from the virus. He was avoiding contact with others for five days, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The announcement comes more than eight months after the defense secretary contracted COVID for the first time on Jan. 2, when he also reported mild symptoms and said he was following his doctor’s advice.

The defense secretary is among several military and government officials, including President Joe Biden, who have recently caught the virus, which is responsible for more than 1 million deaths in the U.S. and has caused a global pandemic that began in early 2020.

Austin had previously decided that vaccinations for members of the military would be made mandatory with almost no exemptions.

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1 month ago

This is the top clown of the military that forced vaccine mandates. Now he has covid for the 2nd time. The soldiers who stood up to this idiot should get medals.
Just another inept dem member of the biden administration.
FJB !!!

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