REPORT: Army Hasn’t Paid Up for Housing One Year After Review Board Order

The U.S. Army via Flickr

According to a new report the U.S. army has reportedly still refused to pay up for housing even after a review board ordered them to do so.

As reports:

STUTTGART, Germany — The U.S. Army continues to defy an order by its highest review board to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in denied housing benefits to a contingent of reservists, lawyers for the soldiers said, sending the four-year-old dispute back to federal court for resolution.

“The Army willfully chose to disregard these governing provisions, thus elevating its conduct to the level of gross negligence,” Patrick Hughes, an attorney representing the seven plaintiffs, wrote in U.S. Court of Federal Claims filings this month.

It’s a new development in a case that one year ago appeared to have been resolved. The Army Board of Corrections determined in August 2021 that the service broke federal law in denying dual housing allowances to reservists temporarily sent to Germany.

Hughes said that his seven clients should have been paid a combined total of about $500,000.

Several other reservists have also now filed suit since the review board’s findings.

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