Zelensky Hit With Surprising New Criticism as War Drags on

Photo by President of Ukraine via Wikimedia Commons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky now finds himself under intense new criticism as more and more Ukrainians accuse him of incompetence during the early stages of the Russian invasion.

As Stripes.com reports:

KYIV, Ukraine — Until this week, Ukrainians seemed to see President Volodymyr Zelensky as beyond reproach, a national hero who stayed in Kyiv despite the risk to his personal safety to lead his country against invading Russian troops.

Comments he made to The Washington Post justifying his decision to not share with Ukrainians details of repeated U.S. warnings that Russia planned to invade have punctured the bubble, triggering a cascade of public criticism unprecedented since the war began.

People tweeted their experiences of chaos and dislocation after an invasion for which they were unprepared, describing how they might have made different choices had they known what was coming. Public figures and academics wrote harsh critiques on Facebook of Zelensky’s decision to downplay the risk of an invasion, saying he bears at least some responsibility for the atrocities that followed.

Many Ukrainians took exception to the implication that Zelensky had prioritized the health of the economy over their well-being, suggesting that many lives might have been saved had the government better prepared the population for war.

The scandal reflects what may be the first real domestic crisis Zelensky has faced since the invasion began in February.

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