MONDAY PDB – Did Trump’s Classified Documents Stash Risk National Security? US Blackhawks to Australia, Commemorating One Year of Biden’s Afghan Fiasco, No Sikh Beards or Turbans in Marine Bootcamp, US Beam Weapons to Shoot Down Chinese and Russian Hypersonic Missiles

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SEMI-LEGITIMATE – Intel officials will assess ‘risk to national security’ from documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. In a letter to lawmakers, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said her office is conducting a damage assessment of the documents recovered from the former president’s Florida club Aug. 8.

US Navy is developing directed energy systems to counter hypersonic missile threats from China and Russia. The US Navy is developing directed energy systems as a potential defense against hypersonic missiles, the Navy’s top admiral said, calling advances Russia and China have made in hypersonic weapon technology “a significant concern.”


WELL-DESERVED SENTENCE – Ex-Air Force sergeant gets life in deputy’s killing. A former Air Force sergeant who was linked to an anti-government extremist movement and in 2020 attacked law enforcement officials amid protests over the killing of George Floyd has been sentenced to life in prison without parole in the killing of a Northern California sheriff’s sergeant.


Two Navy ships transit Taiwan Strait, first since Pelosi visit. The U.S. 7th Fleet said the USS Antietam and USS Chancellorsville were conducting a routine transit through the Taiwan Strait on Sunday.

CO-OPTED BY CHINA – US Coast Guard ship denied port call in Solomons. A U.S. Coast Guard cutter conducting patrols as part of an international mission to prevent illegal fishing was recently unable to get clearance for a scheduled port call in the Solomon Islands, according to reports, an incident that comes amid growing concerns of Chinese influence on the Pacific nation.

US approves $1.95 billion sale of Black Hawks to Australia. The State Department this week approved a $1.95 billion sale to Australia of 40 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, which will replace the Australian Defense Force’s troubled MRH90 Taipan utility helicopters.


Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 187. The UK’s Ministry of Defense said it was not clear how Russia would achieve an announced large increase in its armed forces, but the boost was unlikely to substantially increase its combat power in Ukraine. Russian air forces hit workshops at a Motor Sich factory in the Zaporizhia region of Ukraine where helicopters were being repaired, Russian state news agency RIA quoted the defense ministry as saying.

Pentagon expands use of seas to send weapons to Ukraine. The Pentagon began in the spring to shift to maritime shipping to get weapons to Ukraine.

Russia moves to reinforce its stalled assault on Ukraine. A series of volunteer battalions formed across Russia is preparing to deploy to Ukraine, officials and military analysts say, including a major new ground-forces formation called the 3rd Army Corps.


Fighting between US troops and militias draws scrutiny to Syria role. The U.S. decision to target militia facilities in eastern Syria on Tuesday threatens to heighten tensions with Iran.


THEIR DEATHS ARE ON HIM – Biden commemorates ‘heroes’ killed 1 year ago in Kabul airport attack. Thirteen U.S. troops and more than 100 Afghan civilians died on Aug. 26, 2021.

Fears over Afghanistan threat simmer, despite White House assurances. When the United States pulled its troops from Afghanistan in a chaotic dash, the Biden administration and its critics traded fire over whether America could keep its borders safe from terrorist threats without boots on the ground.


COUNTERING THE MARINES’ CRITICS – Former Marine officials, experts praise Force Design 2030. A panel of experts and former troops examined the service’s plan to downsize and restructure its force.

THANK GOD! – Judge declined to halt ban on religious articles in Marine boot camp. The Marine Corps, unlike other services, does not allow religious articles of faith in recruit training, such as a Sikh beard or turban.

CREATIVE THINKER AND ENTREPRENEUR UNDER DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES – Soldier indicted for selling 3D-printed automatic weapon converters. A soldier was indicted Wednesday in Texas federal court for allegedly 3D-printing and selling parts that can turn commercially available firearms into automatic weapons.


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