How China is Working With Mexican Drug Cartels to Flood U.S. With Deadly Fentanyl

Cartel enforces show an interviewer their drug harvest / Screenshot from ABC on YouTube

As deadly fentanyl continues to pour over the United States’ southern border, the harsh reality is kicking in that the issue can be described as a “reverse opium war” stemming from China.

KTRH Local reports:

Former State Department official David Asher told TBN’s Centerpoint the Chinese government is essentially running a worldwide money laundering scheme using fentanyl.

“The Chinese Triads are shipping the chemicals to Mexico. The Mexicans are making the drugs with the Chinese help. The Chinese are using the Latin-American gangs in the U.S. to distribute the drugs. Chinese students and money brokers are picking up the money and getting back to the Mexicans and back to the people in China,” he says.

He says they’re using Chinese-born college students in the U.S, here on visas.

“What we started to see is this mass network of really thousands of Chinese students picking up Samsonites full off cash from drug traffickers on the streets, wheeling them into Chinese restaurants and Chinese travel bureaus.”

“Rich Chinese are trying to get their money out of China. They’re buying fractions of the loads of these chemicals. Then the chemicals get manufactured by a joint effort involving the Mexican Jalisco and Sinaloa cartels into all these different types of pills.”

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