FRIDAY PDB – Queen Elizabeth II ‘Princess Auto Mechanic” Dies at 96, Russia Strategically ‘Defeated’ in Ukraine, Philippines Open to More US Base Access to Face China, US Military Footprint Grows in Australia, North Korea Won’t Give up Nukes

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GOD BLESS AND RIP – With dignity, Queen Elizabeth II embodied an endangered principle: Unity. The sun has finally set on the British Empire. Its last rays were embodied in the steadfast person of Queen Elizabeth II, who died Thursday after more than 70 years on the throne. Hers was the longest reign in British history, during which the country struggled to find its postcolonial identity.

‘Princess Auto Mechanic’ — Here’s how Queen Elizabeth served in World War II. After 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at the age of 96.


Nuclear deterrence lessons from Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Ambiguity marks China’s management of its nuclear forces and how it discusses them and uses them to deter. Unlike the US and Russia, Dean Cheng said: “the Chinese believe ambiguity and doubt promote deterrence.”

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK – DOJ to appeal order appointing special master in Trump probe. Prosecutors also asked the judge to put on hold part of an order blocking the government from using materials seized from former President Donald Trump’s home in a criminal investigation into the alleged mishandling of classified documents.


Shield critical infrastructure from electromagnetic pulses, DHS says. The National Public Warning System offers a model for defending other vital systems and services.


HUGE, UNSINKABLE AIRCRAFT CARRIER – US military’s footprint is expanding in northern Australia to meet a rising China. Red dust rises in Australia’s Northern Territory as tractors churn the earth to build facilities for U.S. forces deployed to bolster a longtime ally threatened by China’s rapid military buildup.

TO FACE CHINA – New Philippine administration considers more base access for US military, ambassador says. The United States and the Philippines are talking about increasing the number of military bases in the island nation that visiting American forces may use, according to the Philippine ambassador to the United States.

US Army’s Pacific commander wants to keep rocket launchers at frontline Japanese base. The U.S. Army’s Pacific commander, General Charles Flynn, said he is in no rush to withdraw rocket launchers and other equipment from a Japanese army base at the edge of the East China Sea even after the joint training they were used in ended.


CJCS Milley: Russian strategic objectives in Ukraine ‘have been defeated.’ Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Thursday said Russia’s strategic objectives in its attack on Ukraine have “been defeated.”

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 198. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukrainian forces reclaimed 1,000 square kilometres (385 square miles) of territory in the south and east since September 1. Russia made no immediate comment.

Austin cites ‘long haul’ support for Ukraine, growth of defense industrial bases. Senior U.S. officials emphasized the long-term security of Ukraine and other European allies Sept. 8, announcing a new $2.2 billion aid package and plans to bolster their respective defense industrial bases.


SO THERE! – North Korea says it will never give up nukes to counter US. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says his country will not abandon the nuclear weapons and missiles it needs to counter hostilities from the United States.


EU boosts support to southern African military mission in Mozambique. The European Union said on Thursday it would provide additional support to an African military mission in Mozambique, as Islamist attacks threaten gas projects meant to reduce the EU’s reliance on Russian energy.


Pentagon watchdog tells GOP senators it will evaluate whistleblower claims on Afghan evacuees being on watchlists. The Department of Defense’s watchdog told two Republican senators that it will evaluate claims that hundreds of Afghan evacuees were allowed to enter the U.S. despite being on the department’s watchlist.


HELL NO – FOR GOOD REASON – Democrat Lawmakers push for DOD to allow recruits with HIV to join the military. A group of Democratic lawmakers is pushing the White House to allow HIV-positive individuals to enlist in the military, saying current rules ignore the latest advancements in health care for those living with the virus.

AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW – The Navy is withholding court records in a high-profile ship fire case. The U.S. Navy accused a sailor of setting the 2020 fire on the USS Bonhomme Richard, but it refuses to release records in the case as the law requires.

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