Biden’s Army Chief Has Lame Excuse for Recruitment Lull

Joe Biden’s U.S. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth kicked the can down the road this week, claiming lackluster recruiting numbers are due to the media’s reporting.

American Military News reports:

The entire military has struggled with recruiting in the 2022 fiscal year, but the Army is on track to miss its recruiting goal by about 10,000 recruits and end up 18,000 troops short of its initial 2022 goal force size when the fiscal year ends this month.

During a Tuesday conference Wormuth, the Army’s top civilian leader, told soldiers that the news media’s coverage was creating a warped perception of the service, reported. This warped perception, she claimed, was to blame for some of the service’s recruiting issues.

“For parents and influencers, there are concerns over psychological harm,” Wormuth said. “Parents see headlines about suicides and sexual harassment and assault in the military.”

An April report by the Defense Suicide Prevention Office found that 176 active component U.S. Army soldiers took their own lives in 2021. It was the highest number of any military branch, exceeding the 59 suicides within the U.S. Navy, 51 in the U.S. Air Force and 42 in the U.S. Marine Corps combined. Those 176 soldiers represented the Army’s highest number of suicides since 9/11 and the highest suicide rate since 1938, Defense One reported.

“I think with an inventory of barracks as large and as old, in some cases, [as the Army has] I couldn’t look you in the eye and say, ‘No, there’s nothing else like [Smoke Bomb Hill] out there,’” Wormuth said.

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